Low-Maintenance Epoxy Floor Installation

Unsightly, Unprotected Concrete Garage Floor

Middletown, NY homeowners looked at the bare concrete in their garage and decided they wanted to upgrade to an epoxy coated garage floor. They wanted some good, solid protection so that they could drive their vehicles over the epoxy without causing damage.

Our Natural Terrazzo Polishing Process

We examined the underlying substrate. Although it was not pretty, it was in decent condition, so there was no need to do any concrete repair work. Our epoxy application process involved several steps. The first step was to prep the floor through grinding. Next, we applied resin, followed by a primer/ base coat. Our final step was to apply a clear coat to seal the epoxy and offer extra protection.

Our clients were very happy with their beautiful, functional, low-maintenance garage floor. They were especially glad that the epoxy is expected to last for many years.

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