Outdoor Granite Countertop Restored

Granite Damaged After Exposure to the Elements

Homeowners in Tuxedo Park, NY contacted us because the granite countertops in their outdoor kitchen were etched and scratched, and the finish had become dull. Exterior stone sees a little more wear than interior stone, and periodic stone restoration services are needed to keep them looking pristine.

Our Granite Restoration Process

First, we honed the granite to remove the surface damage. The honing process removes a very thin upper layer of the stone, revealing the brand new stone underneath. Then, we used black granite polishing powder and crystalizer to restore the polished finish.

Not all granite needs to be sealed. Some highly polished granite won’t even take a sealer. To be on the safe side, we went ahead and applied sealer to help inhibit any staining that might occur in an outdoor environment.

The homeowners loved the way the granite countertops looked new again, as if they had just been installed.

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