Epoxy Protection for Concrete

Protection and Slip Resistance for Garage Floor

Middletown, NY homeowners contacted us because they wanted protection and slip resistance for the relatively new concrete in their garage. They were concerned that driving their vehicles over epoxy might cause damage, but we assured them that our permanent, seamless, epoxy coating solutions would hold up remarkably well. After all, this is the same surface material used in warehouses with forklifts. They chose Nordic Green Color Flakes because it reminded them of granite or terrazzo.

Our Natural Terrazzo Polishing Process

We examined the concrete and determined that the condition of the underlying substrate was ideal with no need for repairs. We took great care in the application process, following a precise set of steps to ensure maximum adhesion. First, we applied a protective layer so the resin would bond properly. Next, we applied a primer/ base coat and broadcast the UV Stable flakes on top of that base coat. Our final step was to apply a clear coat to seal in the flakes and provide a shock-absorbent surface.

Our clients were very happy with the look of the floors, as well as the fact that they could expect it to last for years to come.

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